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Edinburgh Accountants Allsquare will guide you and your company through the available online accounting systems to help you decide which is best for your business

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to keep on top of accounting. Keeping up to date with finances can impact business decisions and strategies, so, understandably, it can be a stressful aspect of management. Thanks to the digital age, more business processes are being taken online to save on costs and to boost productivity, and the ability to manage accounting online has been adopted by many businesses. Some of the benefits are certainly enough to attract businesses wanting to streamline their processes.

Cloud storage
Accounting inevitably means a lot of record keeping, and if this is done with hard copies, the need for filing storage will soon become extensive. Cloud storage makes keeping records much easier, and physical storage space isn’t an issue. What’s more, there are a number of security measures that online storage can utilise, arguably making digitally storing account records safer than physical storage.

Any-time access
If you’re working remotely or are travelling a lot for work, it’s not always possible to carry files and folders with you, to keep on top of accounting. With online accounting solutions, you are able to access your records on the go and around the clock, for 24/7 access.

Technical support
Who can you turn to when you need help with finances in-house? If your department is small, chances are that the list of support staff is extremely short. Online accounting providers often package support and guidance with their solutions, offering bespoke advice when needed. Whether this is on a basic level of operating accounting software or more in-depth guidance to implement a new process, having the expertise on hand makes the entire thing more streamlined.

Automated processes
No longer will you have to spend hours putting together templates for essential paperwork, such as invoices. Online accounting software can automate this type of document generation to easily ensure that vital documents are in line with in-house branding.

Keeping costs low
The costs of maintaining physical accounting software and hardware can be high, from training personnel to purchasing software upgrades as they are released. This isn’t an issue when your accounting in managed via the cloud; everything is up-to-date on an automated cycle and the support you receive from your service provider guides you through the processes that you need to manage your accounts efficiently.

With a range of service levels available for businesses of various sizes, online accounting has never been more accessible. Speak to Allsquare for more information on solutions to suit your business.