5 Great Ways to Keep Your Business Organised this Year

5 great ways to keep your business organised this year

Organising your small business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are some simple ways to optimise your business practices that will not only keep you better prepared for the year ahead, but also improve productivity and profits.

Follow our guide to help Keep Your Business Organised this year

Go Paper-Free

Studies have identified paper clutter as the chief problem that undermines small business productivity. A source of stress that reduces focus and creativity, paper clutter wastes both time and energy. The average employee spends more than half a working day per week searching for missing paperwork, while managers can spend as much as an hour a day trying to find key information.

Business productivity experts suggest small businesses take advantage of technology to get paperwork organised. The idea is to go paperless, using scanners to record everything from receipts to client documents. Cloud storage gives you a professional way to share documents with clients and employees, avoiding the need to email back and forth when collaborating. When the task is done, your business will save money on ink and paper and recover the office space currently colonised by your business’s filing cabinets.

Ending Clutter Only Starts with Paperwork

A functional business makes good use of space and has a designated area for everything. Throw away obsolete equipment, and encourage employees to only keep items they use regularly on their desks. Consider creating a weekly desk-cleaning event, when employees clear the clutter off their desks at an appointed time.

Create more space and consolidate office equipment with multi-functional equipment such as the all-in-one printer, scanner copier and fax machine.

Cloud-Based Accounting

When you have recorded and managed all your financial transactions by computer, cloud-based accounting solutions such as the ones we offer, for instance, will give you real-time financial data, as well as the ability to organise your accounts payable, accounts receivable and invoicing. Cloud-based accounting can give you an easy-to-understand and accessible overview of your business finances.

Streamline Your Systems

A mixed organisational style only leads to frustration and confusion. An example is filing your finances and client data using two different systems. Use your strengths and weaknesses and those of your employees to develop a single effective system of organisation. Experts say that you should choose an integrated system, where all programs and apps communicate with each other. Your streamlined system should also be accessible to staff and clients from any location.

Create a Culture of Scheduling

Scheduling ensures that everyone is as productive as they can be. Technology offers a solution, and cloud-based calendars allow for shared diaries and accountability. Encourage your staff to use your scheduling system to create daily plans they stick to.

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