Introducing the new Allsquare Blog


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Allsquare Accountants Edinburgh are delighted to announce the launch of a new blog .

We thought it was about time that we fully embraced the age of social media, and finally started blogging. You might think that bookkeeping, year end accounts, and tax won’t be the most interesting subjects and, well, you’d probably be right!

At Allsquare we offer much more than just financial management. We work with our clients to support company growth, and help identify opportunities to increase profit. Therefore our blog will draw on all of our business experience and will regularly discuss issues that affect SMEs, and tackle some of the challenges we all face as business owners.

To keep up to date on our latest blog, keep an eye on the website, head over to our Twitter page or find us on LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you, so please comment on our posts, and if you think they are worthy, please share them!

If you like the blog and would like business support and advice, please call 0131 343 1510 and one of our team would be delighted to help.