Introducing Xero Online Accounting Software

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Xero Software

Cloud-based accounting Xero software could be the answer for helping with your accounting requirements

Running a business can be a relentless and exhausting job and with many business owners more focused on making money than tracking it, time-consuming bookkeeping duties can be seen as a dead-end chore.

However, pushing accounts to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list is never a good idea. Cloud-based accounting package Xero software could therefore be just the solution for those with accounting woes, helping businesses to get a firm grip on their finances without having to dedicate too many precious man hours to doing so.

Perhaps the foremost bonus of Xero Online Accounting Software for busy business people is that rather than being a conventional desktop package, it can be accessed remotely or on the move through any web browser. In addition, unlike most desktop packages, which limit user accessibility, Xero offers access for unlimited users, all of whom can log in from anywhere at all.

Xero also offers mobile access, so that receipts can be uploaded and customers invoiced even while you’re at lunch. The package really is set up to be as user-friendly as possible, dedicated to making all transactions quick and painless through simple access, integrated systems and a slew of labour-saving features.

For example, the software even searches for matches between your accounting entries and bank transactions so that you don’t have to, saving hours of poring over spreadsheets and statements.

To be ready to go, all you need to do is add your bank accounts to the package. You can also add credit cards, PayPal and support for more than 160 foreign currencies, all of which are automatically updated so that everything’s in one place and the latest figures are always to hand.

Also available is a summary page detailing incoming amounts, overdue invoices and the names of the biggest debtors.

In addition, Xero offers more than 300 add-ons for you to customise the package to suit your business’s needs.

Perhaps Xero’s most appealing feature is its ability to cut out a whole host of the most mundane accounting tasks such as data entry and figure checking, saving time and putting you in the driving seat of how and when your finances are dealt with.

You will still need a real walking and talking accountant, such as the people at Allsquare, but using Xero can mean that rather than sorting out your paperwork, Allsquare staff can dedicate time spent with you imparting their expert advice and finding new ways to save you money and make your business run more smoothly. This is, after all, what every business owner wants from their accountant.

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