What Makes a Great Accountant?


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For all small or medium-sized business, whether starting out or fully established, growing the business, generating a profit and achieving the vision you have set out are at the top of the list of priorities.

During that journey, looking after the profits generated becomes paramount as that will directly affect the growth of the company.

To that end, every business needs a great accountant. But what exactly are the qualities that make up a great accountant? There are lots out there, big and small, expensive and more reasonably priced but how can you spot a good one.

First and foremost, a great accountant will be firmly on your side. They should be first and foremost thinking how they can help you and pointing out potential hurdles and how to overcome those, in other words a virtual member of your team. To that end a great accountant for you is someone who really gets you and your business. Not someone that says “we work closely with our clients” but someone who has been there and done it. Knows the worries and pressures you are under and not only understands but has direct experience of dealing with those challenges.

In addition, a good accountant will, it goes without saying, be an expert with figures. Anyone can go through the motions of producing the accounts or pass some work to a junior trainee but a great accountant will see the mechanics of producing the accounts as a starting point for helping your hard earned profits work for your company and ensure you are not wasting time and money on incorrect or ill-advised practices right from the day to day bookkeeping and payroll through to the year end processes. The figures should be able to tell you about how your business is doing, whether you can cut costs and where you should be spending more money in order to generate extra revenue.

As we have stated, money is very important so another key influence on your choice should be how that accountant charges you. As a small business every penny counts and you need to know you are receiving value for money. Spending £1000 too much may not register with a plc but it is a big deal to a small company. You need to find an accountant that prices his services based on what it costs them to deliver that to you and not what all the competitors are charging (getting away with). After all, you want them to work to save you money, not suck up all your profits in fees.

A great accountant should not just accept the status quo but also question you about your business. They’ll be able to deal with the money you already have coming in but also suggest improvements to your business model in order to grow your profits.

Finally, they should be up to date with current legislation and know the tax laws inside out. Simplicity should be key and you should always know and understand what is happening to your money.

With more than 18 years of experience, Allsquare offers an enviable amount of knowledge when it comes to setting up and running small and medium-sized businesses.

Allsquare can review your accounts and let you know what strategies will help you to grow your business and maximise its potential, whether you are a one-person company or a larger company with more complex needs.

With a range of services from VAT returns to payroll, end-of-year solutions, profit growth and business development, Allsquare will offer sound guidance and expert advice to your business, becoming not just an accountant but a vital member of your team, which is what every great accountant should be.