Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Business Marketing Strategy Consultant

One of the most important aspects for the growth of a small business is to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Reaching out to new clients will boost your turnover, strengthen your market position and should lead to greater profitability. The good news is that you don’t need to set aside a huge marketing budget in order to achieve this. There are a number of tactics you can employ to increase your client base without spending a fortune.

Get Web-Wise
It is absolutely vital for every single business to have a website. This acts as your virtual shop front, advertising your goods or services to potential clients. You can use it to provide key information about your company, outline what you can offer customers or to make online sales. Whether you opt for the DIY approach or commission a specialist web designer to build your site for you, ensure it is as easy to navigate and professional in appearance as possible.

Use Social Media
Social media platforms allow you to interact with existing customers, building up a relationship and increasing sales. Posting regular blogs is a great way to keep in touch with your audience, passing on useful information about your services or advertising a new product you are launching. Utilise the appropriate social media platform for your target audience, and bear in mind that each lends itself to a different type of information dispersal. Add photos or links to relevant articles to keep content fresh and interesting – not forgetting to always link back to your website. Participate in discussions on business forums to enhance your credibility as an industry leader and help spread awareness of your brand.

Back to Basics
Handing out business cards can be surprisingly effective, so make sure that you have a supply with you at all times. Advertising in the local press or relevant publications can also help to extend your reach. Create a regular company newsletter and email or post this to existing clients to keep them updated. Build up awareness of your brand where you are based by getting involved in community projects. Sponsoring a local event or charity fundraiser can not only boost your corporate social responsibility credentials, but also maximise exposure for your company.

Network to Make Contacts
Face-to-face contact is a crucial way to meet potential new clients, so join your local business networking group and attend their events. Visiting a relevant trade show or industry conference is also a great way to get to know other businesses which may be useful to you. You could even consider taking a stand at an exhibition to introduce your company to a wider audience.

Reward Customer Loyalty
Existing customers can generate new business by recommending your company. A loyalty scheme offering discounts or bonuses is a good way to reward customers for repeat business. Set up a referral scheme where you offer incentives to clients who recommend you to others. Ask satisfied customers if they would be willing to give a testimonial. This feedback can be posted on your website and reassure potential new customers.

From raising your web profile to securing valuable customer testimonials, there are plenty of marketing tactics that cost little and potentially provide big rewards. If you’d like guidance on marketing and growing your business, speak to Allsquare. We offer our clients support far beyond simply doing their accounts.