Do I Need an Accountant?


Accountants Edinburgh

Allsquare Accountants Edinburgh are here to guide your business’ finances and explain why it will be beneficial for you to have an accountant

For most companies the answer is yes and having an experienced professional on your side can remove anxiety and stress surrounding the accounts, give you confidence you are producing accurate accounts and managing the finances of the company to the benefit of the bottom line and allow you to focus on the business.

The question, however, is not do I need an accountant but what type of accountant?

Allsquare challenge the traditional idea of the accountant. We believe that producing accurate accounts is a given and that any accountant worth their salt should be a trusted advisor you use on a regular basis to provide advice or comment on the real issues you face running a business.

The harsh reality for many accountants is that with changes in legislation and technology many small businesses can choose to do their own accounts and whilst Allsquare strongly believe using an experienced advisor is highly recommended, accountants have to offer more to their clients.

You accountant should give you confidence the accounts are accurate but also contribute to the business growth ideas and strategy, sales and marketing plan, and day to day issues facing the company.

For many small businesses, the management team can feel isolated and for some, running a business is a new venture and that can be daunting. Whether a new start or an establish business it does help to be able to speak to someone that has experience starting and running a variety of businesses and as a minimum use them as a sounding board for ideas.

This business input should not be at the expenses of the accounts which are a vital window into how your business is performing. Indeed, analysing them to work out where improvements can be made can easily help your business grow and go from strength to strength.

Your accountant is in the perfect position to perform this task of analysing your accounts but often doesn’t. If you want your business to expand then identifying where profit growth is possible is just as important as making sure all your tax commitments are present and correct. With a clear overview of the way your business operates, Allsquare can turn the cheques your business writes to cover accountant’s fees from a dead-end cost into an investment — an outgoing that not only pays for itself, but actually generates income for your business.

Therefore, as already stated, you need to consider what type of accountant will help your business grow but also how they charge their services. Allsquare believe that should be based on what it costs the accountant to do the job not what all the other accountants feel they can charge their clients.

That’s why Allsquare charge significantly less than its competitors for full year end accounts that includes the CT600 tax calculation, online submission to HMRC and a meeting to review your accounts.

Unlike a conventional accountant who simply processes your figures, submits them and then issues you with the bill, Allsquare can provide you with guidance and input to your strategy for growth and development, which can help to make your dreams for your business a reality.

We want businesses to challenge the way they think about accountants and we believe Allsquare are the type of accountant every business should insist they have! To find out more, contact Allsquare on 0131 343 1510.